Ich habe podcasting

This week we have Shaman Rongar joining us, and the sha of RL took our Dae from us this week. But we have the fabulous Eva back with us to stand in for Dae.

We talk to Rongar about his new podcast all about the new Blizzard game coming; Hearthstone.

RP and how to get into it (ravenholdt.us) and (Earthernring.net)

We also chat about team twitter raiding.

Our “Too much WoW” moments

A VERY happy birthday to our buddy Joe @WoWMartiean

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Dae: @CreatureVenus

Rongar: @ShamanRongar  Hearthstonecast.com

Eva: @TardBunny

Congrats to @LadiciousWarrior for winning our first write-in contest!

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