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May 14th, 2013    

Gaming Like A Girlie

This week we have the wonderful Gamer Girlie joining us to chat about WoW dying, healer woes, what would our last moments in Warcraft be, BOAs, the Alliance battle cry and more!

Don't forget you have till the 19th of May to get your entry in for a Battlechest, details at the end of the show.


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May 7th, 2013    

Ding! Level 10!

Ding! # 10!


This week we have some return guests including Stilby, Psyence, Lissah and a never before heard guest Joe aka WoWMartiean.

Since we didn't have much in the way of show notes we just let it all happen and talked about all the things and we had a blast.

We also have a special contest for our listeners towards the end of the show. So pay attention :)


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April 30th, 2013    

Ich habe podcasting

This week we have Shaman Rongar joining us, and the sha of RL took our Dae from us this week. But we have the fabulous Eva back with us to stand in for Dae.

We talk to Rongar about his new podcast all about the new Blizzard game coming; Hearthstone.

RP and how to get into it (ravenholdt.us) and (Earthernring.net)

We also chat about team twitter raiding.

Our “Too much WoW” moments

A VERY happy birthday to our buddy Joe @WoWMartiean

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Congrats to @LadiciousWarrior for winning our first write-in contest!

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April 23rd, 2013    

Blood and Thunder

This week we have SoCalWoWGal aka Alice from the WoW Life Coach blog and podcast. Also from The Chaos Portal Podcast joining us.

We have some great discussion about

*Being a life coach in WoW, it's something we could all use.

*Is WoW too Horde centered? Too Alliance centered?

*Heroics are too easy says Dae

*Is WoW easy mode compared to other games?

All this and more.

Be sure to stick around till the end for something special for our listeners.

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April 17th, 2013    

Memoirs of A Geishadin

We are now a proud member of the Dawn Forge family of podcasts!

This week, emerging from behind the scenes we have out producer, UncleSlam aka Uno.

*What does it take to make the show what it is

*Is WoW too hard that we need all the addons?

*Lack of tanks and healers in randoms, Why?

*Gearing up

*LFR loot system. Good, bad or ugly.

*Server transfers and what Blizzard could possibly do to make it better.

All this and more is on the table this week.

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April 10th, 2013    

Fear and Loathing in Pandaria

This week we have Bullets, Plucker and Stilby from Dae's guild "Hogger Ate My Homework" We go off the rails a good bit, but have alot of fun.

This week we talk building a strong guild/raid team

*Raid team rituals

*Are the patches coming too fast?

*Lfr being too hard


*Are scenarios not fair for healing classes?

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April 2nd, 2013    

It’s Not Small It’s Transmogged

In this episode we have Englishreiyt joiniung us. We talk about changing servers, finding a guild, the nasty people in trade chat, and much more!

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March 26th, 2013    

The Broken Nerd

Episode 4- The Broken Nerd

This week we have Psyence and Lissah. We talk all about PvP, CRZ, World bosses and ganking. Dailies, dailies and moar dailies.

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March 20th, 2013    

The Sha Sha Cha Cha

**We had alot of technical issues this week. We apologize in advance. It will be better next week.**

This week we have the one and only Sha of Happiness joining us. Ghem is fresh from a vacation, Dae had some awesome guild stuff happen and Khar is just putting along.

We talk some about why is DPS so scrutinized? And really what are we getting done faster by being so kick-happy in random groups?

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February 25th, 2013    

Make Love Not Warcraft

In the intro of the show Ghemit and Dae let you know a bit about themselves then we dive in to the geeky chat with special guest Kharendos. We chat about taking the "noobs" under our wings and the in game memorials that Blizzard has put in this game.

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